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The three main laboratory sections of ICENS collaborate in multidisciplinary work on the following topics, taking part in the successive stages of field sampling, sample preparation, laboratory analysis, data handling and interpretation and dissemination of information online or as hardcopy publications.

Topics include:

Map of simplified bedrock geology of Jamaica

Cadmium Isotopic Composition Indicates Multiple Geological Sources in Cadmium Anomaly in Jamaican Soils.

Large areas (>500 km2) of Jamaica are uniquely characterized by soils containing more than 50 mg kg-1 Cd, several orders of magnitude greater than what is typically expected for pedo-geochemical levels of the metal.

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Determination of CO2 Emissions from Agricultural Soils under Different Land Management Practices Using a Chamber-based Approach

Soil organic matter (SOM) contains more carbon than the atmosphere and terrestrial vegetation combined and therefore plays a crucial role in the global cycling of carbon.

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The Dietary Intake of Minerals and Trace Elements from Jamaican and other Soluble Coffees using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis and associated techniques

Jamaica, a net exporter of coffee, has in recent years seen the importation of soluble coffee increase from 16,872 kg in 2010 to 36,419 kg in 20131.

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The Development and Characterisation of the in-house Quality Control Material “Soil of Jamaica”

The parish of Manchester in Jamaica is known for bauxite mining as well as its naturally elevated levels of several trace elements. It was thought that this would be a suitable area to source the material for the “Soil of Jamaica” quality control material.

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ICENS Geochemical Knowledge Saves and Expensive Construction Project

In 2008 the Government of Jamaica and Royal Caribbean International (RCI) met in Kingston to agree terms of a US$224 million contract to develop the Falmouth Pier so that it could accommodate the world's largest cruise ship.  Under the contract, the government would invest US$122 million to dredge the harbour and construct the pier while RCI would develop the land-based facilities, including shops and attractions. 

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